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SLO ITA AUT is an international meeting of architecture between three nations that, although very different, share a common cultural background, especially in the field of architecture. The format is very simple: 9 studios, three from each country, will present their projects and their views on some specific architectural themes. In this first meeting, which will take place in the Aula Magna of the University of Trieste in Via d'Alviano 18 in Gorizia, the theme of which the various architects will debate is "contemporary architecture and its own architectural language". SLO ITA AUT will be an opportunity for an open discussion on the disciplinary issues useful to understand the need to bring the quality of the project at the center of architectural debate. The event organized by the faculty of the Laboratory of Integrated Planning of the Department of Engineering and Architecture, is the result of collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, with the Regional Federation of the Councils of Architects of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with Informest and is co-funded by the European Union through the program of transnational cooperation "South East Europe" and ID:Wood.

The speakers which will present their projects and their architectural visions will be:

- Ceschia/Mentil (ITA)
- Exit Architetti Associati (ITA)
- MoDus Architects (ITA) 
- Dekleva/Gregorcic Architects (SLO) 
- Marusa Zorec (SLO)
- Ostan Pavlin Atelier (SLO)
- Gasparin & Meier (AUT) 
- Frediani+Gasser (AUT) 
- Juri Troy Architects (AUT)

Department of Engineering and Architecture Master's Degree Course in Architecture Laboratory of Integrated Planning   Teaching referent Prof.Arch. John Fraziano   Curator and general organization dott.arch.Ph.D. Claudio Meninno   Cultural and Educational Centre University of Trieste d'Alviano Street, 18 Gorizia, Italy   Aula Magna schedule 10 > 13 + 15> 19   Links University of Trieste Degree in Architecture - UniTS Facebook event Association of Architects of Primorska (SLO) Order of Architects P.P.C. the Province of Gorizia Architecture Alumni Udine Profession Architect Casabella

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